As a brand ambassador, the production worker creates quality, food-safe products for consumer consumption.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check to production schedule
  • Obtain the correct blends
  • Follows the formula
  • Change to correct program for water and flour by following the formula
  • Weigh additional ingredients
  • Fill out traceability sheets
  • Fill out mixer sheet
  • Verifies the weight of the blend
  • Checks the dough temperature and quality
  • Preforms washout of mixers when changing taste profiles
  • Unloads the dough from the mixers
  • Keep area free of waste and other debris
  • Assists with transferring to the next processing step
  • Notifies management of any issues with equipment or product.
  • Follows company GMP policies
  • Responsible for ensuring food safety, food quality and food defense